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Get Your Prescriptions Delivered to Your Door

Mail-order pharmacy is an easy way to stay on top of your prescriptions

Written by: Andrew Hall.

Key Takeaways

  • Your prescription drug plan may cover a 90-day prescription to be delivered to your home.

  • Most in-networkIn-network refers to the doctors, hospitals and other providers that are inside of your provider network. This is the group of providers that has agreed with your health insurance company to treat its customers. pharmacies also provide alerts and notifications when your Rx is low.

  • Mail-order prescriptions are a free service with most plans.

Closeup of a pharmacist's hands as he prepares to mail medicine to a patient.

How can I get prescriptions delivered?

One of the easiest ways to stay on top of your health is to adhere to your medication regimen and schedule. Health plans and pharmacies recognize it’s not easy to get to the pharmacy, so they started delivering medications. Most health plans with prescription drug coverage provide the option to have a 90-day supply of your medication delivered at no cost to you. Ask your pharmacy or your insurance carrier about your options.

How does prescription delivery work?

Mail-order medication works just as it sounds. Whether you order by phone, mail, or online, most programs offer home delivery for 90-day supplies. Usually, the home delivery option in your plan does not cost you anything. Mail order medication is not less secure, your medication is checked by a registered pharmacist. You can contact your plan provider to learn about quality and safety.

Also, you can receive the added convenience of automatic refills if your medication qualifies. Your in-network pharmacy can mark your refill to arrive in time before your other is complete.

Can I order my prescriptions online?

Yes. You can save time by ordering and refilling prescriptions online with most plans. You should contact your plan’s provider to find out if your online order is filled on your pharmacy’s website or on your provider’s website. Once you’ve ordered online, you can expect to have your medication delivered directly to your home. After you’ve ordered online, you can continue to use an online service or most plans offer phone options, too.

Do I pay extra for delivery?

No. Mail-order medications are a free service for most plans. In fact, most aim to provide a 90-day supply anytime it’s allowed, based on the medication. Most 90-day supplies end up costing you less than a 30-day supply filled at a retail pharmacy.

Can I get more than prescriptions delivered?

Some plans may allow you to order things like durable medical equipment. If available, a broad range of supplies, including test strips, bandages, bladder control pads, and more may be available for delivery to your home at no cost.

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