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A Caregiver’s Guide

Tips to help your loved one navigate Medicare

Taking Steps to Care for A Loved One

For all the hard work you do for them.

Let us help you on your path.

Who is this guide for?

If you’re caring for a loved one and overwhelmed with the details, we’re here to help. Our Caregiver’s Guide can help you take better care of yourself and your loved one. You’ll learn about common issues you may experience and the basics of Medicare.

The Basics

What to consider when getting started as a caregiver.

Costs, Coverage & Enrollment

Information for managing benefits and future costs.

Support & Tips

Ideas for staying organized and making time for what you need.

No Two People Are the Same

Ilustration of a sitting man with paper

If you are a caregiver or plan to take on a caregiver’s responsibilities, we understand that different people and situations require multiple ways to get information.

If you find yourself in new territory and unsure of where to turn, GoHealth is a great place to get information or advice from a licensed insurance agent.

You’re Not Alone

As a caregiver, you spend so much time and energy on another person that it’s easy to feel like you’re drifting away from the life you knew. GoHealth is a trusted resource to alleviate these challenges. To better understand caregivers’ needs, we conducted a survey of 1,000 millennials and 1,000 Gen Xers who have relationships with their are some key findings:

One-third of millennials and Gen Xers help manage their parents’ healthcare.

Nearly three in five are reaching into their own pockets to help with parents’ healthcare expenses.

Four in five worry about having enough money to support themselves and help their parents.

A Caregiver’s Guide Articles

The Basics

Caregiving is never easy, but it’s a little easier if you understand your loved one’s needs and how their health insurance works.

Being a Caregiver Medicare Overview

Costs, Coverage & Enrollment

If a loved one’s healthcare needs attention, a few tips for caregivers to know how to step in.

Medicare Costs Medicare Benefits & Coverage Enrolling a Loved One Financial Assistance & Tips

Support & Tips

Caregiving can be overwhelming, but a little organization can go a long way. If it still proves too much, there is help out there.

Getting Organized Support Resources

Additional Learning Guides

Discover how GoHealth can help you.

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