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GoHealth Examines Role of Medicare Advantage Supplemental Benefits in Addressing Seniors’ Social Determinants of Health Disparities

CHICAGO, April 22, 2021 – GoHealth, Inc. (GoHealth) (NASDAQ: GOCO), a leading health insurance marketplace and Medicare-focused digital health company, examines how risk factors outside the scope of traditional healthcare can be mitigated through supplemental benefits offered by Medicare Advantage (MA) plans. These extra benefits—such as free meal delivery, transportation to and from appointments, and…

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Addressing Social Determinants of Health for Seniors

According to a recent GoHealth analysis, the continued expansion of supplemental benefits in Medicare Advantage plans can provide an ideal platform for addressing risk factors and giving seniors resources to drive better health outcomes. Learning from Adversity A crisis often exposes society’s most deep-seated inequities, and the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many of the stark…

Survey: COVID-19 Vaccine and Social Changes Among Older Adults

After COVID-19 vaccinations began in the United States in the final weeks of 2020, older adults were among the first populations served. Now that all U.S. adults are eligible for a COVID vaccine, questions about “getting back to normal” still loom large for those fully vaccinated. Based on recent data, a majority of older adults…

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