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Medicare & You

We make understanding Medicare simple.

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GoHealth gets you on the right track to the Medicare plan you need.

GoHealth gets you on the right track to the Medicare plan you need. Planning to retire or already there? Your Medicare is fundamental to long-term physical and financial wellness. Our knowledge of Medicare will have you prepared to enroll or make changes.

Medicare 101

Improve Your Well-Being With Better Health Decisions

Ask any Medicare beneficiary, and they’ll likely tell you Medicare can be tricky. We can help you understand your options and recommend a plan that meets your health needs so you feel confident about your coverage and how much you will save.

Medicare Part A & B

What you first need when you enroll in Medicare.

While most people get Part A automatically, you must actively enroll in Part B separately. Both represent your basic hospital and medical insurance. To enroll in Medicare, you have to contact your Social Security Office.

Medicare part a & b

Medicare Advantage

Part A & B plus dental, hearing, vision & drugs.

Once you have Medicare Part A & B, you’ll be eligible to replace it with Medicare Part C. Medicare Part C gets you Part A and B benefits in addition to dental, hearing, vision, and even Part D prescription drugs benefits. Plan benefits may vary, but many are $0 premium.

Medicare Part C

Medicare Supplement

An add-on to Medicare Part A & B.

Medicare Part A & B can leave you susceptible to high healthcare costs. And while supplemental insurance comes with a separate premium, it can make your overall healthcare more affordable.

Medicare Supplement

Medicare Part D

An add-on to Medicare Part A & B.

Medicare Part A & B has minimal prescription drug coverage, which is why many people will add on a stand-alone prescription drug plan. Be sure you enroll in Part D benefits in order to avoid the lifetime late enrollment penalty.

Medicare Part D

Medicare Learning Guides

Created with You in Mind

Medicare isn’t one-size-fits-all and your health needs are different from your spouse’s, your friend, and even your next door neighbor. We created tailored learning guides with you in mind. Whether you’re new to Medicare or looking for a way to improve your existing Medicare coverage, each guide offers advice and gives you the information you need.

Before 65 Guide

Understanding health insurance before age 65, especially when considering early retirement.

New to Medicare Guide

Helpful information to get you started with enrolling in Medicare.

Medicare Beneficiary Guide

For those currently enrolled in Medicare.

Medicare Plans Guide

Costs, coverage and enrollment details for each Medicare plan.

Low Income & Medicare Guide

For individuals with a qualifying income status.

A Caregiver’s Guide

For those helping a loved one with Medicare.

Medicare Help & Support is Available

It costs you nothing to speak with a licensed insurance agent.

The most successful approach to rewarding health insurance is to maximize every benefit. At any stage of your health journey, we help you get the most out of your benefits & coverage. If you want to double-check your coverage or begin enrollment, our licensed insurance agents are ready. If you’re unsure which benefits can improve your health or save you money, GoHealth offers digital resources and productive benefit coaching without a cost or obligation.

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More than explaining the differences between carriers and benefits, we help you assess your options, better proper coverage, at the right costs. We make Medicare simple.

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Keeping up with healthcare changes can be a time-consuming responsibility that can leave you looking for answers. We make understanding Medicare easy.

When Can I First Enroll in Medicare?

Most people are eligible
for Medicare when they turn 65.

Discover when your Medicare
Initial Enrollment Period is.

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Your 65th Birthday is in July 2021!

Your Medicare Initial Enrollment Period is open between April 1, 2021 and October 31, 2021.

You are 97 days away from enrollment.

Life is busy. Set a calendar reminder so you won’t forget:

57% of those nearing eligibility are overwhelmed to find the right plan.

So we made it easier for you to understand how Medicare works and where to start.

Your Medicare Initial Enrollment Period is Now Open!

You can enroll between December 1, 2020, and June 30, 2021.

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Our goal is enroll you in a plan that is right for you, lowers your costs, and gives your the most benefits (like prescriptions, vision, hearing and/or dental) that you are entitled to.

Your Medicare Initial Enrollment Period is Closed.

Most people have seven months to first enroll in Medicare. Your initial enrollment period was between January 1, 2020 and July 31, 2020.

initial enrollment period How to first enroll in Medicare outside of your Initial Enrollment: General & Special enrollment periods
Additional Enrollment (for those that have Medicare): Annual enrollment period
Don't worry! We can check if you qualify for Medicare enrollment, even if your Initial Enrollment Period has passed.
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We'll answer your Medicare questions and explain your options. Our goal is enroll you in a plan that is right for you, lowers your costs, and gives your the most benefits (like prescriptions, vision, hearing and/or dental) that you are entitled to.

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