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Encompass Solution

Radically transforming and simplifying the Medicare experience.

The Medicare market landscape
is an abrasive, disjointed process.

The number of eligible Medicare enrollees choosing Medicare Advantage (MA) plans has increased 130% since 2009*. MA’s rapid growth has led to issues for beneficiaries and health plan partners:

Abrasive, disjointed process

Beneficiary experience:

  • Overwhelmed with information
  • Increase in plan options available
  • Lack of trust in the process

Health plan partner experience:

  • High CTMs
  • Low effectuation
  • Underutilized benefits
Abrasive, disjointed process

Encompass is a member-centric experience designed
to address gaps in the market.

Encompass Member Experience Diagram
Encompass Member Avatar


Agents assist interested beneficiary in navigating plans


Agents choose best plan fit based on beneficiary’s needs


Agents connect the beneficiary to health plan resources to confirm best plan fit


Agents facilitate the process to enroll the beneficiary


Dedicated agents begin onboarding initiatives and provide benefits education


Dedicated agents continue outreach to assist beneficiary and aid the renewal

GoHealth’s end-to-end Encompass Solution simplifies the
Medicare journey and drives member satisfaction.

Encompass End-to-End Solution

Since 2020, the Encompass Solution
has improved member satisfaction.

  • Creates a single, trusted source for beneficiaries to learn more about their Medicare Advantage options with a knowledgeable guide to help identify plan fit.
  • Unbiased, carrier-agnostic approach helps build trust between the beneficiary and their advisor, providing a seamless experience from initial call through subsequent plan renewals.
  • Using knowledge of each beneficiaries personal needs, GoHealth verifies plan fit and engages members to utilize their benefits – alleviating confusion and reducing likelihood of member churn.
  • Of every 100 Medicare Advantage enrollees, the Encompass solution retains more members past 90 days than other approaches.
Encompass Member Satisfaction Chart

When beneficiaries enroll through Encompass, health plans
see meaningful impact to retention metrics.

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Join us as we radically transform the Medicare
distribution and engagement landscape.

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