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Encompass Platform

Streamlining the complex and disjointed Medicare member experience

We know that a typical senior’s journey through Medicare is complex and confusing.

There are thousands of insurance plans to choose from, each with many different benefits and levels of coverage. At GoHealth, we simplify the process and help our members select the right plan for them. However, we know that things do not get any less confusing after enrollment. Even in the right plan, the Medicare member experience can be unclear and disjointed, leading to unsatisfied consumers who cannot unlock the care that they need.

Journey through Medicare

Introducing Encompass, a GoHealth platform

The Encompass platform, powered by our TeleCare agents, is helping seniors get the highest quality of care at the lowest cost. Medicare Advantage plans are increasingly including a wide array of benefits, and GoHealth’s Encompass platform is aimed to maximize our members’ utilization of their benefits once they are enrolled in a plan.

GoHealth’s Encompass Diagram

GoHealth’s Encompass Platform is well-aligned to create value for care delivery partners, carriers, and most importantly, our members

We partner directly with carriers, provider groups, pharmacies, and social care services to ensure that our members are getting the care that they need. Curating high quality healthcare partners and adding these partners to GoHealth’s Encompass platform is truly a win-win across the healthcare ecosystem.

“I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and Merrill helped me find a plan that wouldn’t charge me a penny for a series of chemotherapy injections that cost $5,000 each. He explained everything to me with such care and calmness that many don’t take the time to genuinely do. Because of his efforts, I won’t have to pay a single penny for my treatments and doctor visits.”

- Eduardo T. GoHealth Medicare Member
GoHealth’s Encompass Platform

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