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I receive $1000 for dental care each year, a free eye exam, and cheaper copays on specialty doctors!

Shirley H. - GoHealth Customer


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of our customers find savings*

GoHealth helps millions on Medicare find
additional savings and benefits.

No matter if you are turning 65 or have had a plan for years, our Medicare licensed insurance agents can help make the important decisions easier.

Customer testimonial

Meet Shirley. We found her big-time savings on her Medicare.

Customer testimonial

Shirley was on Medicare and needed help. Her plan limited her ability to see the doctor she wanted, as well as getting dental and vision care.

She called GoHealth. We were able to find her a plan that included $1000 for dental care each year, a free eye exam, and more flexibility to see the doctors she wanted.

“GoHealth was awesome! I’m getting benefits I didn’t have in my old plan.”

Shirley H.
GoHealth Customer

That’s just a portion of Shirley’s savings. Her new benefits also included:

  • Home healthcare benefits
  • Cheaper co-pays on specialists
  • Her doctor in-network

“Because of GoHealth, I won’t have to pay a single penny for my treatments and doctor visits. Anybody who has Medicare and needs help should call GoHealth.”

Eduardo T.
GoHealth Customer

Our mission is to improve access to healthcare.

How does that help our members?

“GoHealth found a plan that gave me dental coverage I needed, plus extra money back on my Social Security check.”

Charles B. GoHealth Customer

Let's see if you're missing out on Medicare savings.

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