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How can we tell we’re doing a good job? Our customers tell us!

At GoHealth, positive word-of-mouth helps us know we’re achieving our goals to help people in their healthcare and Medicare journey. Our mission is to improve access to healthcare. That starts by enrolling people in the right plan for them. From there we explain claims, help people utilize their benefits, find doctors, set up appointments, and more.

We’ve worked hard to become your go-to healthcare resource. We’ve helped over a million people enroll in a health insurance plan in the last 3 years alone.

And thankfully, our customers agree:

Excellent ratings are great. But why are they really important? Your positive feedback means we’re helping you get better -- better Medicare information, better resources, and better health. Even better guidance on choosing health insurance.

There’s still plenty of work ahead. In everything we do, we will strive to put our customers’ needs first.

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