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Gen X & Millennials Take on the Role of Caregiver

There’s no shortage of opinions about Millennials or Gen X. According to the latest U.S. census data, there are over 61 million Millennials aged 24 to 39 and 65 million Gen X’ers aged 40 to 55. Between both of these generations, many are facing a new reality or role – the caregiver – that is…

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New Report: “Effect of Isolation on Older Americans” Finds 1 in 4 Experiencing Mental Health Declines

Americans and countries worldwide are waiting for the moment we share a collective sigh, step outside, and hug our friends in public. And while social distance is necessary to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, medically vulnerable populations, like seniors, must take extra precautions. To examine how COVID-19 changed social norms by interrupting…

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Introducing: Biannual Medicare 2020 Report

One in five Americans is enrolled in a Medicare health plan and almost 10,000 age into Medicare every day. Yet, many are faced with concerns, uncertainty and confusion of Medicare.

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