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Medicare Beneficiary Guide

A Simple Guide to Reconnect with Medicare or Navigate Benefit Adjustments

Medicare Literacy Made Easy

Your health care benefits. Your health care goals. Your health partner.

Nothing stays the same forever. It’s likely your health and/or you needs have changed over the past year. There’s not a one-size-fits-all plan and maybe your plan this year will no longer work for your needs next year.


If you are enrolled in some form of Medicare (Part A and/or B, Part C, Part D, or Medicare Supplement), then this guide is for you.

Costs, Coverage & Enrollment

Information to help beneficiaries make the most of enrollment and coverage

Notifications, Care & Support

Tips to manage notifications and information related to coverage

Medicare & Employer Health Insurance

Tips for choosing health insurance at 65

A Roadmap for a Better Standard of Benefits

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The first (and perhaps critical) step to improving healthcare is having a plan that meets your health needs and budget. You should determine what needs you have today (and in the future), which doctors and/or specialists you need care for, and how important is having a financial safeguard against unpredictable healthcare costs. The task of finding, comparing, and understanding which plan meets your needs is tough. And stats like “one in five Medicare beneficiaries say their current plan already does not meet their health needs” gives us heartburn.

Our goal is to provide you the information you need to make more confident decisions and take control of your healthcare. GoHealth offers digital resources and productive benefits consulting - free of charge with no obligations to enroll.

Medicare Beneficiary Guide Articles

Costs, Coverage & Enrollment

Add, change, drop coverage during your enrollment periods. Understand the cost of Medicare and financial assistance programs.

Medicare Plan Overview Medicare Enrollment Periods Annual Enrollment Period Special Enrollment Period Medicare Costs Low Income

Medicare & Employer Health Insurance

For those that have Medicare and an employer-based health insurance plan.

Medicare & Employer Coverage Coordination of Benefits

Additional Learning Guides

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Medicare Plans Guide

Costs, coverage and enrollment details for each Medicare plan.

Low Income & Medicare Guide

For individuals with a qualifying income status.

Before 65 Guide

Understanding health insurance before age 65, especially when considering early retirement.

A Caregiver’s Guide

For those helping a loved one with Medicare.

New to Medicare Guide

Helpful information to get you started with enrolling in Medicare.

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