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How the recent Humana news could affect your Obamacare coverage

By Lauren Mandel

Over the past few months, there have been quite a few announcements concerning the future of Obamacare. Yesterday, there was yet another one: Humana announced that it will no longer offer individual health coverage under the Affordable Care Act starting in 2018. If you saw this Humana news, you may be wondering what this information means for you, your family, and your health coverage. If you’re enrolled in a Humana plan through the marketplace, will you lose coverage? When will you need to find a new plan?

The short answer: don’t panic and remember that GoHealth is here to help you through any future transitions. But we also wanted to share a longer answer with you. Below is more information about this particular Humana announcement, as well as answers to other questions you might have right now.

When will Humana officially stop selling health insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act?

In many of the articles you may be reading about this topic, you’re probably seeing that Humana will stop offering coverage “starting in 2018.” So if you have a Humana plan now, does this mean you won’t have to look for a new plan until 2018 begins? Not exactly. The next Open Enrollment Period would likely start on November 1 of this year, 2017.  So, basically, you should start considering other options in 2017, when Open Enrollment begins, so that you have new coverage starting in 2018.

If I’m enrolled in a Humana plan now, will I lose my coverage soon?

If you are currently enrolled in a Humana plan through the marketplace, do not panic; your coverage will not be canceled or revoked for this year. However, you may want to begin thinking about other options for next year. Since Humana will not be offering plans during the next Open Enrollment Period, you will have to shop for a new plan from a new provider in order to secure 2018 coverage.

Now that Humana plans will not be available in 2018, will I have other coverage options?

When you enroll through GoHealth, we’re always here to offer you different options and help you find the best plan available. While Humana may not be offering plans for 2018, we will be able to help connect you with other plans from other top providers once Open Enrollment begins in the fall.

Have other questions? We’re happy to help. Please comment below or call 888-322-7557.

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