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Medicare Licensed Insurance Agent

Medicare Licensed Insurance Agent

Selah Lee

Team Manager, Member Services Telecare

Selah has been a licensed Health and Life insurance agent for over six years and has an active license in 43 U.S. states. Selah is passionate about helping people enroll in Medicare plans that put them in the best possible position for their health and financial goals. As both a Licensed Benefits Advisor and a Case Manager for GoHealth, she brings years of experience and knowledge to GoHealth. Selah focuses on providing a unique experience for members throughout the enrollment process and beyond. She applies her expertise to creating longstanding relationships with our members.
Selah has a B.S. in Pre-Physical Therapy studies from Chicago State University. She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Regulatory Compliance from Northwestern University.

“I have spoken to enough people to know that being healthy is as important as being wealthy in retirement. A person’s health is unpredictable, and the wrong coverage can end up costing a lot more than people think. It’s always important to me to get to know each person and understand their situation before recommending coverage because each person’s needs are unique. I know that I can be the difference between someone having the right coverage, which can save them money and frustration, versus a plan that will cost them more in the long run.”

GoHealth Review Process

We understand that where you get your health information can significantly affect your health care decisions and outcomes. At GoHealth, we strive to gain your trust. That means reviewing our content is as important as writing it. We evaluate each article for a specific subject or whether it thoroughly and accurately answers a particular question. Each member of our Medicare Advisory Team is licensed, and their in-depth, certified knowledge of Medicare helps provide readers with unbiased, accurate, and up-to-date information.

Each team member deeply respects their responsibility and GoHealth’s 20 years as a source of Medicare information and advice.

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