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Medicare Writer

Bryan Strickland


Bryan brings plenty of passion to his work, priding himself on taking complicated concepts and translating them into easy-to-understand language for GoHealth readers. A graduate of the acclaimed journalism school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Bryan has spent his entire career in journalism, reporting from all corners of the country and writing about everything from the Super Bowl to Medicare’s version of the Super Bowl – the Annual Enrollment Period.

“Nothing makes me happier than knowing that one of my pieces of content could make all the difference in someone’s understanding of their health insurance options. My parents serve as a sort of a case study for my work – my father is enrolled in Original Medicare while my mother is enrolled in Medicare Advantage. Even for a couple married more than 50 years, healthcare is a personal journey, and I try to bring a personal touch to articles aimed at getting people on the right path.”

GoHealth Review Process

We understand that where you get your health information can significantly affect your health care decisions and outcomes. At GoHealth, we strive to gain your trust. That means reviewing our content is as important as writing it. We evaluate each article for a specific subject or whether it thoroughly and accurately answers a particular question. Each member of our Medicare Advisory Team is licensed, and their in-depth, certified knowledge of Medicare helps provide readers with unbiased, accurate, and up-to-date information.

Each team member deeply respects their responsibility and GoHealth’s 20 years as a source of Medicare information and advice.

My Work

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