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Honoring Women's History Month: Advocates for Change

In March, we remember the contributions that women have made to achieve a more equitable world: 

  • The U.S. recognizes Women’s History Month with a 2024 theme of “Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.” 
  • March 8 is International Women’s Day, which has a 2024 theme of “Inspire Inclusion.”  

In observance of these events, we asked team members at GoHealth to share experiences that demonstrate how women can support each other to reach their professional goals and advocate for change. They discussed topics like creating inclusive workplaces, the historical figures they admire, and the challenges that women still face in their careers. 

Supporting Equity and Self-Care

Julie Ruffin, a senior team manager on the GoHealth CARES team, has been with the company for a decade. Early in her career, Julie benefited greatly from the mentorship of women leaders, and she believes in the value of creating a welcoming, inclusive workplace for all. In her view, equitable treatment helps not only individual employees, but the organization as a whole. 

Photo of Julie Ruffin

“Advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion goes a long way in creating an atmosphere of belonging,” Julie said. “It brings together women of different backgrounds and ethnicities and could promote better performance and more engagement.” 

Julie appreciates how Women’s History Month highlights the stories of people who spoke out and sacrificed to achieve progress in the U.S. She cites Mary Church Terrell, Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, and Maya Angelou as examples of the individuals who made their mark by advancing the causes of freedom, equality, and civil rights. 

“Being a lover of poetry, Maya Angelou’s works has taught me to be resilient, to always show up as my best self, and to fight for what I believe in,” Julie said. 

The latest data from the National Institutes of Health show that more than a quarter of U.S. women live with some form of mental illness, such as anxiety or depression. To keep herself healthy, Julie understands that she needs to manage stress. So, she’s developed a routine that includes reading a daily devotional, regular exercise, and taking occasional breaks from work. 

“Smile, laugh, and pour into yourself,” she said. “If you have to wake up every day and say, ‘Girl, you are amazing,’ then do it!” 

Integrity and Inspiration 

Pavla Krauspe is the director of operations and human resources at GoHealth’s offices in Slovakia. Throughout her career, she’s seen the importance of open communication, honesty, fairness, and integrity.

Photo of Pavla Krauspe

“Historically, women have faced more difficulties starting their professional lives, and when they become mothers, their progress often slows down or stops altogether,” Pavla said. “It is crucial that we, as a community of women, support each other, show each other the way, and share our stories as survivors of successful professional and family life, within the context of equality with men.” 

To balance her job responsibilities and maintain her mental wellness, Pavla exercises regularly, cracks jokes (she loves dry British humor), and rides horses. Equestrian sports have been a lifelong hobby for her, especially vaulting, an event where athletes perform gymnastics and dance moves on horseback. After 15 years of actively participating in the sport, she has since spent more than two decades as an international judge and official. 

Pavla finds powerful role models in history, such as the pioneering businesswoman Estée Lauder who cofounded the multinational cosmetics company that bears her name. However, on International Women’s Day, Pavla reflects on how much the strong, dedicated women in her own family and professional life have meant to her. 

“My aim is to become an inspiration to other women, showing that with confidence, diligence, and hard work, women are able to achieve anything,” she said. 

A Commitment to Collaboration 

As director of customer experience strategy and operations at GoHealth. Leah Miller works with cross-functional teams, finding creative solutions to problems and improving how the organization serves Medicare consumers. She believes it’s always more important to hire people who are great collaborators than look for someone who exactly matches the skills and experience in a job description. 

Photo of Leah Miller

For Leah, Women’s History Month is a chance to celebrate the past and to think about how she can do her part to bring about a better future. She connects with the example that members of the Greatest Generation provided by stepping up and joining the workforce during World War II. 

“As a collective, they were able to show the country that women can take on the same roles as men,” Leah explained. 

One area where Leah sees room for progress is establishing greater support for women who decide to become mothers later in life. She believes people should have access to affordable fertility and maternity care, even when their pregnancies involve complex procedures. 

“I think there needs to be increased awareness around this issue, and, at some point, insurance needs to catch up with the times,” she said. 

Driven to Promote Change 

In her role as a Medicare senior account executive at GoHealth, Dalynn Garfield strives to make a meaningful impact in the lives of every person she helps. 

“Each day, I am driven by the mindset of taking whatever action necessary to create experiences that bring harmony, understanding, and clarity for my clients,” she said. “I firmly believe that if change is to occur, it is up to me to be the catalyst for it.” 

Photo of Dalynn Garfield

Dalynn’s approach to life has been shaped by women who are well-known public figures — from Dolly Parton to the author and speaker Brené Brown — and others who have played major roles in her personal story, like her mother. Women’s History Month offers her an opportunity to explore how women with diverse backgrounds and views can all do their part to create a better world. 

“The celebration of Women’s History Month is more than an acknowledgment of individual accomplishments; it is an acknowledgment of our collective strength and resilience,” Dalynn explained. “It prompts us to engage deeply with the ideas and philosophies of women from all walks of life, integrating their wisdom into the fabric of our current societal narrative.” 

Dalynn is especially fascinated with the story of Emmeline Pankhurst, an English activist born in 1858 who devoted her life to fighting for women’s right to vote and equality. Dalynn considers Pankhurst a powerful example of how a woman of unshakeable conviction can influence not only the world around her, but generations to come. 

Even as she strives to do all she can to help others through her work, Dalynn also takes time to care for her own needs. 

“As an agent immersed in the relentless tides of demands and expectations, I’ve navigated through moments of feeling overworked, undervalued, and ensnared by self-doubt,” she said. “These challenges, while daunting, catalyzed a profound transformation within me, steering me towards the nurturing embrace of self-care. My journey is a testament to the idea that our inner dialogue shapes our reality, underscoring the potency of positive self-talk and intentional living.” 

Since its inception in 1960s, Medicare has helped to make the U.S. healthcare system more equitable. As an organization that holds empathy as a core value, GoHealth continually seeks ways to support well-being and peace of mind for Medicare consumers. Women’s History Month and the International Women’s Day are reminders of all that women at GoHealth have done to build a diverse, inclusive organization that makes a real impact. 

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