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GoHealth Gears Up for Annual Enrollment Period

CHICAGO, October 4, 2021 – GoHealth, Inc. (GoHealth) (NASDAQ: GOCO), a leading health insurance marketplace and Medicare-focused digital health company, is gearing up for another successful Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). AEP is a time where seniors can make one of the most important decisions about their health.

This year, the Company has enhanced its technology and training to attract and retain members, address social determinants of health (SDOH) that prevent members from living full, healthy lives, and connect consumers to Medicare plans and resources that best fit their needs. Last year, GoHealth:

  • Helped more than 2 million people with their Medicare and healthcare needs
  • Helped 80% of customers (on average) find savings*

Member Care Assessments Identify Critical Needs

Starting with Member Care Assessments (MCAs), GoHealth TeleCare agents identify gaps in members’ care soon after enrollment and connect them to community resources based on SDOH needs. TeleCare agents can then use Encompass—GoHealth’s one-stop, proprietary engagement platform—to ensure members receive the personalized care they need by maximizing their benefits utilization.

Currently, GoHealth has identified the following through MCAs:

  • Sixty-three percent of members have used food stamps in the last year, and twenty-six percent have worried about running out of food before having enough money to buy more.
  • Fifty percent of members are on over six prescriptions, and twenty-three percent have problems paying for prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs.
  • Twenty-three percent of members have trouble getting to the doctor, grocery store and pharmacy.
  • Seventy percent of members are open to a doctor checking in on them in their home, over the phone or through telehealth.
  • Twenty-eight percent of members are worried about falling in their home. Of these members, over sixty percent have fallen in the last year.

Forging Strategic Partnerships to Advance Member Care

To address these important health issues identified through MCAs, GoHealth recently established an exclusive Medicare agreement with GoodRx, an online prescription discount platform, to assist members facing financial hurdles due to high prescription costs, as well as to educate GoodRx consumers about their Medicare coverage options. As part of this agreement, GoHealth members will receive ongoing engagement and education around pharmacy options and prescription savings—up to eighty percent from the pharmacy retail price— related to their Medicare Advantage plan to maximize the value of their prescription plan benefits.

In addition, GoHealth partners with Aunt Bertha to connect members experiencing SDOH-related challenges with community-based social care organizations. Aunt Bertha is the leading referral platform for social services in America, serving the biggest cities and smallest towns.

GoHealth will expand its Encompass offerings this year and beyond to integrate new partners within the platform, leveraging its robust portfolio of services to offer comprehensive, cost-effective solutions that address health inequities among Medicare members.

Enlisting a Bilingual TeleCare Team to Reach Underserved Communities

To better serve the Latinx community, GoHealth has enlisted nearly 200 bilingual licensed agents to help Spanish-speaking seniors, their families and caregivers navigate the complex world of Medicare during AEP and beyond. These bilingual agents will assist members with meaningful clinical interventions, ensuring they have adequate coverage and peace of mind during their senior years.


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*In 2020, 80% of GoHealth members enrolled in a $0 premium Medicare Advantage plan.

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About GoHealth, Inc.

GoHealth is a leading health insurance marketplace and Medicare-focused digital health company. Enrolling in a health insurance plan can be confusing for customers, and the seemingly small differences between plans can lead to significant out-of-pocket costs or lack of access to critical medicines and even providers. GoHealth combines cutting-edge technology, data science and deep industry expertise to build trusted relationships with consumers and match them with the healthcare policy and carrier that is right for them. Since its inception, GoHealth has enrolled millions of people in Medicare plans and individual and family plans. For more information, visit

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