Helping agents across the country.

Whether you’re an independent agent or agency, GoHealth has the technology solutions and insurance leads you need to grow your business.

GoHealth Marketplace is your best solution for comparing and enrolling in health plans. Why? Other than being the first private exchange to enroll shoppers in subsidized health insurance, we offer a complete technology and enrollment solution fit to meet your needs.

GoHealth BrokerOffice is the industry’s top health lead management system. This full CRM solution and lead management tool gives you the power to handle all prospects and focus on what’s important: closing business.

Health & Senior Insurance Leads — delivered right to you. You have the power to select from under- or over-65 leads, in the form of shared, exclusive, or live transfer leads. Need to target leads by geographic location or even age-specific demographics? GoHealth has you covered.

Interested in joining our team? The GoHealth VMO (Virtual Marketing Organization) is your solution for success. Offering a suite of both over-65 senior and under-65 individual and family carriers, GoHealth VMO has one goal in mind: growing your business. Whether you’re a new agent, experienced agent, or part of an agency, GoHealth VMO team has the resources, tools, training, and incentives you need.