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Welcome to GoHealth!

We’re so pleased that a GoHealth licensed insurance agent was able to help you enroll in your plan.

Our mission is to help you find the Medicare Advantage Plan that best suits your needs. We truly appreciate you trusted us to advise you.

Medicare Card

What to Expect

Medicare Card in Mailbox

Your Plan ID Card

You should receive your plan ID card within the next few weeks.

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Access to Your Plan Information

In the meantime, you can access plan information through the online portal.

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Cancellation Notice

Your old insurance carrier may send a cancellation notice. No need for any action. Don’t worry, your new benefits will kick in right on schedule.

Mobile Phone with GoHealth Logo

Your Plan Satisfaction

A GoHealth representative will reach out by phone to double-check that you’re satisfied with your coverage and answer any questions.

We will walk you through your Member Action Plan. This is a comprehensive review of your new benefits and a time to connect with the services that matter most to you!

Want to Learn More

If you refer to the email you received after enrolling, you’ll find a recap of the selection process you went through to find your plan, a report on your health needs, and a summary of your new plan benefits.

Our GoHealth member engagement team is dedicated to helping you understand and get the most out of your benefits. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Call 1-855-792-0088 with any questions about the Medicare enrollment process or your new plan.

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