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Medicare Senior Critical Illness

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Medicare Coverage for Serious Health Conditions

Medicare Senior Critical Illness plans are available for those dealing with a serious condition including Stroke, Heart Attack, or Cancer. Most health insurance companies offering Medicare plans will offer Critical Illness plans, which may be labeled as Cancer Only or Heart Attack and Stroke Only. They may also offer a combination of Stroke, Heart Attack, and Cancer plans.

Critical illness insurance is not designed to replace Medicare coverage, however.

Critical Illness insurance offers specialized coverage providing a lump-sum, tax-free payment if the insured suffered from the critical condition covered by the policy. This type of coverage is optional and in addition to Medicare or Medicare Supplement insurance.

A Medicare Senior Critical Illness insurance plan will cover conditions, such as a heart transplant, angioplasty, major organ transplant, paralysis, coronary bypass surgery, or kidney failure.

Why You Might Need Medicare Senior Critical Illness Coverage

There are several reasons why you may consider adding Critical Illness coverage to your Medicare coverage. You may need this additional coverage for the following reasons:

  • Money to pay for medical treatments not covered by Medicare
  • Cash for your mortgage and other bills while recovering
  • Money for travel if a treatment isn’t available locally
  • Cash to help replace the income of a spouse while they care for you
  • Money for experimental treatments not covered

While Medicare Senior Critical Illness insurance isn’t necessary for everybody, it may be for you. Those with a family history or an elevated risk of cancer, heart attack, or stroke may want to consider Critical Illness Coverage.

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