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Medicare Licensed Insurance Agent

Medicare Licensed Insurance Agent

Malinda Cannon

Team Manager, Member Services Telecare

Malinda is a licensed insurance agent in 44 U.S. states with over six years of experience. Malinda’s passion for helping people led her to pursue a life and health license. As a licensed health insurance agent, her desire to help members and provide service is aligned. Her product knowledge is a lifeline for people with changing insurance needs. She is an expert on Medicare products and services.

Malinda’s central aim is unique cases that include Medicare and Medicaid. She helps coordinate coverage and options to protect people’s health and financial well-being.

Melinda got her start in health insurance at Aon Hewitt. Before joining GoHealth, she worked as an insurance agent in the property & casualty field at Allstate and State Farm.

She felt the need to assist people further, so she received her life & health license. She enjoys educating people and helping them make decisions that will benefit them. She is an expert on Medicare products and services and handles unique cases dealing with Medicare and Medicaid. Malinda is currently licensed in Health and Life insurance.

“The best part of my job is helping people compare options and walk away with a plan that they love. A lot of people know their health problems but not always what coverage they should have. It’s a great feeling when you know that someone leaves more confident about their health and insurance plan. It’s great to know I can make a difference for that person.”

GoHealth Review Process

We understand that where you get your health information can significantly affect your health care decisions and outcomes. At GoHealth, we strive to gain your trust. That means reviewing our content is as important as writing it. We evaluate each article for a specific subject or whether it thoroughly and accurately answers a particular question. Each member of our Medicare Advisory Team is licensed, and their in-depth, certified knowledge of Medicare helps provide readers with unbiased, accurate, and up-to-date information.

Each team member deeply respects their responsibility and GoHealth’s 20 years as a source of Medicare information and advice.

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