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Medicare Licensed Insurance Agent

Medicare Licensed Insurance Agent

Cassandra Parker

Member Services Agent

Cassandra joined the GoHealth Member Services team in 2019. Not long after, her responsibilities expanded to include retention and working closely with carriers.  She brings her in-depth knowledge of the Medicare program to the table every day, explaining coverage and services. A core component of her expertise is matching people to new plans and helping existing members stay current and amend policies based on their needs. Cassandra holds an active license in 47 states across the U.S. Her knowledge of Medicare programs is continually expanding from ongoing education for licensing.

Cassandra’s day-to-day impact on Medicare-eligible people comes from analyzing risk, understanding services, and matching unique needs with Medicare guidance that leaves clients confident. She delivers expert advice for members and has the operational knowledge to guide people through enrollment and other administration processes for Medicare.

Before joining GoHealth, Cassandra held various leadership roles in the sales and service industries. Her experience empowering consumers plays a key role in her ability to counsel and expand her strong knowledge of Medicare for GoHealth clients’ needs.

GoHealth Review Process

We understand that where you get your health information can significantly affect your health care decisions and outcomes. At GoHealth, we strive to gain your trust. That means reviewing our content is as important as writing it. We evaluate each article for a specific subject or whether it thoroughly and accurately answers a particular question. Each member of our Medicare Advisory Team is licensed, and their in-depth, certified knowledge of Medicare helps provide readers with unbiased, accurate, and up-to-date information.

Each team member deeply respects their responsibility and GoHealth’s 20 years as a source of Medicare information and advice.

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