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Short Term Health Insurance

Find an Affordable Short Term Insurance Plan that's right for you.

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Temporary Health Insurance to Bridge the Gap

In some circumstances, such as a change in employment, Short-Term Medical Insurance may be necessary to help bridge the gap. With the right policy, you’ll gain access to temporary health insurance until you can enroll in a new major medical insurance policy through a new employer.

While a Short-Term Insurance policy can certainly help cover you in the event of an accident or injury, this type of plan often offers less comprehensive coverage compared to a major medical insurance plan. However, when you’re waiting for major medical insurance coverage to start or you need coverage between jobs, short-term medical insurance offers the solution.

Most short-term plan will come with low premiums and quick approval. They offer terms ranging from 30 days to about 12 months, but they won’t cover pre-existing conditions, and you’re not guaranteed to be approved for a short-term plan.

When Should You Consider a Short-Term
Medical Insurance Plan?

The most common time to purchase a short-term plan is in between jobs. Whether you were laid off, lost your job, or you’re waiting for employee benefits to kick in at a new job, Short-Term Medical Insurance will cover the gap Major Medical Insurance won’t cover.

In addition to a change in employment, you may consider short-term plans when you cannot get major medical coverage, or you need proof of insurance quickly for a special activity. This type of health insurance can also help if you’re waiting for Medicare coverage to start.

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