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GoHealth Encourages Health Insurance Enrollment before December Deadline

By Elizabeth Fay

Chicago, IL (December 8, 2014)GoHealth, the nation’s leading private health insurance exchange, urges consumers to explore their health insurance options and enroll before December 15. Selecting a health insurance plan prior to December 15 allows people to secure health benefits for January 1 and prevents them from being automatically re-enrolled in an old plan with outdated subsidies.

Seventy seven new insurers are offering Marketplace plans and some plans from last year have been modified for the new year. Because there are more insurance plans available and different prices for 2015 coverage, GoHealth encourages consumers to explore their choices now.

“With so many new options on the Marketplace, the health insurance plan you selected last year may no longer be your best choice. This is your opportunity to determine if your current plan meets your needs or if it’s time to rightsize your health plan,” says Clint Jones, CEO of GoHealth.

Consumers must enroll in a health plan and pay their first month’s premium by December 15 in order for their health insurance to take effect on January 1. If people miss the deadline, the earliest their health coverage can begin is February 1.

People who currently have insurance and do not take action before December 15 will be automatically re-enrolled in the health plan that is most similar to their current plan using their tax subsidy amount that was calculated last year. That may result in consumers missing out on significant monthly savings and plans that better meet their needs.

“With pricing changes, new plans available, and potential changes in the subsidy amount, it is in your best interest to spend a couple minutes on to see what your best option is,” says Brandon Cruz, President of GoHealth.

By choosing to actively enroll with GoHealth, consumers can get their new, accurate tax subsidies and compare all of the current Marketplace plans. Shoppers can speak with a licensed insurance advisor to get updated tax subsidies and step-by-step assistance enrolling in coverage, or they can visit to compare thousands of health plans from top carriers, including those that have updated their plans or are new to the Marketplace.

About GoHealth, Inc.

GoHealth is a leading health insurance marketplace and Medicare-focused digital health company. Enrolling in a health insurance plan can be confusing for customers, and the seemingly small differences between plans can lead to significant out-of-pocket costs or lack of access to critical medicines and even providers. GoHealth combines cutting-edge technology, data science and deep industry expertise to build trusted relationships with consumers and match them with the healthcare policy and carrier that is right for them. Since its inception, GoHealth has enrolled millions of people in Medicare plans and individual and family plans. For more information, visit

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