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A Message from our CEO, Vijay Kotte

Earlier today, our CEO Vijay Kotte sent the following note to GoHealth employees:

GoHealth employees,

I’m writing to share that today we are taking the difficult, but necessary, step of significantly reducing our agent workforce and support teams. We have begun the process of directly informing those who are impacted this morning and are striving to complete notifications by the end of the day.

Please be assured that if you are receiving this email, your employment status has not changed.

We fully recognize how unsettling this news will be for impacted team members and those of you who will remain on our team after today. Please know that this decision was not made lightly. It was only after an exhaustive analysis of our business needs and extensive consideration that we agreed this was the path forward to secure our long-term future and enable GoHealth to achieve its full potential.

We expect that you will have many questions about what this means for our company and your future with GoHealth. Please watch for an invitation today to an All-Employee Town Hall Meeting this Thursday, August 11th at 9:00 AM CST where I will share how we arrived at this decision and what’s next for our organization. Questions will be fielded live, or you can submit questions anonymously at this link.


Until then, we’ll be focused on fully supporting departing team members with compassion and empathy. The very personal impact that these changes will have on our valued colleagues is at the forefront of our minds and wherever possible, we are working to match impacted employees with alternative job opportunities within GoHealth.

Employees who depart will receive a minimum of 60 days compensation and benefits, with potentially more severance pay based on position and tenure. Impacted individuals will retain their company-provided work from home equipment and gain access to career and job placement services to assist them in enhancing their resume and LinkedIn profiles.

Finally, upon return of signed HR documents, employees will have the option to retain their company-issued laptops, licensing and carrier appointments, and be released from non-compete limitations – transition support that we hope will facilitate attainment of a new role.

 Our top priority is to act with integrity and facilitate a smooth transition for impacted team members.


Days like this are challenging to navigate. We encourage you to honor your peers and reflect on our meaningful, mission-driven work which has impacted millions of Medicare beneficiaries.

If you or a colleague is experiencing anxiety or want to speak with someone for support, employees have access to Talkspace – 24/7 online access to a licensed therapist. Sign up at


As we move forward, our focus continues to be on quality in all aspects of our business. We will emerge from this change a leaner organization that reflects the highest standards for enrollment and member retention within our agent workforce and marketing investments. You are an important part of our quality commitment and future success, and I’m confident in the resiliency and adaptability of our team.

There has never been a more worthy time to be focused on improving access to healthcare in America – and with these changes, we will be best positioned to sustainably deliver on that promise.

I look forward to speaking with you all more during our Town Hall Meeting later this week.




About GoHealth, Inc.

GoHealth is a leading health insurance marketplace and Medicare-focused digital health company. Enrolling in a health insurance plan can be confusing for customers, and the seemingly small differences between plans can lead to significant out-of-pocket costs or lack of access to critical medicines and even providers. GoHealth combines cutting-edge technology, data science and deep industry expertise to build trusted relationships with consumers and match them with the healthcare policy and carrier that is right for them. Since its inception, GoHealth has enrolled millions of people in Medicare plans and individual and family plans. For more information, visit

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